Living a Healthy With Even With Paruresis

Shy bladder, also known as Paruresis is the medical term used to describe the inability to go for a wee in a public place as defined by the International Paruresis Association. It is thought that this condition or fear of urinating in public is more common in men than women but it is generally male sufferers who fail to seek out help for fear of embarrassment.

Without doubt many health complaints come about or are brought on by bouts of stress combined with an unhealthy lifestyle. Financial strains, personal issues such as break ups and marriage failures, bereavement, unemployment or redundancy are all contributing factors that can subconsciously lead to shy bladder syndrome.

Adopting a healthy life style by making some all important changes, be it in your dietary habits or exercise regime is the best way to overcome shy bladder. It may be that an unbalance of some sort combined with high stress levels have caused this awkward condition to come about. The first thing to do it to admit and recognize there is a problem, before it gets out of hand, and then seek medical help in order to find a way out and obtain a cure.

Sometimes it is good to look for some shy bladder tips online and see how they can help you manage your condition. Some people do share their experience via anonymity identity as a way to help others suffering from this condition.

Regular exercise is proven to have positive results when it comes to overcoming illnesses. Not only does regular exercise strengthen the body but it also build our immune system and helps ward off a multitude of potential health complaints. Making the time to exercise on a regular basis is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle and something those who suffer from shy bladder should seriously consider in order to resolve the embarrassing condition that prevents them from doing something as normal as passing water , when out and about.